Vivo’s New X21 Comes With Inbuilt Display Fingerprint Scanner

Vivo’s New X21 Comes With Inbuilt Display Fingerprint Scanner

The Smartphone’s market is perhaps one of the most dynamic and highly competitive markets in the world. The brand that ranks first today may due to a highly advanced flagship phone may be left out of race by tomorrow. New entrants in the market can soon top the chart and lead the market with innovative technologies.

In this article, we will talk about Vivo, a new Chinese smartphone maker that has taken created quite a buzz since its inception in 2009. With persistence and commitment to quality, Vivo soon ranked among the top 10 smartphones in 2015.

The Chinese mobile phone company has recently launched the X21, which is an Android smartphone with inbuilt fingerprint scanner. This phone features a 6.28-inch screen that comes with a typical fingerprint sensor. If you want to unlock the X21, you simply need to touch the fingerprint prompt with your fingers. It can also be unlocked via the facial recognition technology.

The first in-display fingerprint scanning technology was demonstrated by Vivo at the CES 2018 tradeshow in January, earlier this year. The Vivo X21 is the second smartphone by Vivo, after the Vivo X2 Plus UD, to come up with this feature

Mr Liu Hong Bin, the CEF of Vivo Singapore said at the launch that they aim to bring the best of Vivo phones for the discerning customers around the world. Just like the many other smartphones that were launched this year, the X21 comes with a SUPER Amoled screen similar to Apple iPhone X. The Vivo comes with a much wider viewing experience as the phone has a 90.3% screen-to-body ratio. This is slightly less when compared with Samsung Galaxy S9+.

The X21 offers a decent performance and the display also offers an immersive experience, thanks to the slim bezels. The smartphone currently has the highest display screen to body ratio in the market. It has even surpassed iPhone X in this regard. However, it’s worth noting that the smartphone has almost the same hardware design as Vivo V9, expect a few minor differences.

Vivo X21 camera quality is surprisingly a downgrade when compared to V9 and you can tell that by simply looking at the specs. The X21 can take clear and crisp pictures in broad day light. Vivo uses A.I camera that is capable of analyzing the user’s age, gender and background.

Undoubtedly, the Vivo X21 is a worthy mid-tier phone with an inbuilt cutting-edge fingerprint scanner that will make the geeks happy.

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