Download WhatsApp Messenger

Download WhatsApp Messenger

Download Whatsapp for Vivo Android (windows phone soon) smartphones. The following are some features on the current WhatsApp messenger: Per chat customization, The ability to mark chats as read and unread, You can tap to choose different colors, You can lower data usage on the settings section.

You should always remember that Whatsapp messenger uses internet connection to receive and send data. This means that you should first connect your smartphone to WIFI or internet network in order to send data. In order to get access to features of the current App version, you will need to uninstall your current App and install the new one.

It’s best to use file manager App in order to know the exact location where you saved the file. Finally, tap on it in order to start the installation process. When installation finalizes, you will use your mobile phone to get verified and enjoy the benefits of using the App.

Whatsapp apk for Smartphone

Download Whatsapp for Android
Whatsapp for Windows Phone

Whatsapp apk for tablet

Download Whatsapp for Android Tablet
Whatsapp for Windows Phone Tablet

Whatsapp web for desktop

Download Whatsapp for PC

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