Vivo V9 Is Going International

Vivo V9 Is Going International

Many Vivo fans around the world are awaiting the new Vivo V9 to hit the international markets as soon as possible; however, the wait is over. Vivo officially launched the new Vivo V9 in international markets in order to present customers everywhere with a very closely intimate experience to test the new smartphone Al power and stunning photo features. The Vivo V9 has been awaited by many customers everywhere, who want it to give the new and unique features and abilities of the Vivo smartphone a shot; hopefully, they now are able to test and experience the Vivo V9 features and limits.

Very recently, Vivo V9 reached many more markets such as India, Malaysia, Thailand, and Russia. The Vivo smartphone gained decent popularity as it sports 5G and fingerprint sensor abilities. And V9 also supports Al power features – such as Al Face Beauty and Al Smart Engine. The Al Face Beauty is described as a database of nearly one million facial photos. The database grants the V9 smartphone the ability to recognize the age, sex, skin color, body shape and the surrounding areas as well.

In addition, the V9 still contains many Al power features such as the brand new Al Selfie Lighting; the Al Selfie aids the user to get the best selfie photo ever as it digests all of the surrounding elements and lights and tries to incorporate them in the selfie beautifully and artistically. And the Vivo Company kept in mind to ensure that the V9 Al power features don’t affect the overall performance of the product. Hence, the V9 smartphone is fully equipped to match the individual user’s taste and usage status.

Moreover, Vivo exerted a lot of efforts to enhance the face recognition feature in the V9. Using the Al Face Access feature grants an easy smartphone unlocking process. The Al Face Access is systemized to recognize natural skin coloring and other natural features in order to only submit to the V9 user. And on top, the Al Attention in the V9 smartphone can automatically decrease any annoying disturbances once the feature detects that the user’s full attention is directed towards the phone’s screen – a very good feature that lessens the volume of calls, messages and alarms in order to not disturb the V9 user.

With the increasingly growing needs for an excellent smartphone camera that captures all the right shots, Vivo assures that the V9 smartphone goes hand in hand with the customer’s need for the perfect phone camera. And as Vivo is aiming to reach more customers and markets everywhere, more people, hopefully, are now able to purchase and experience the Vivo V9 with all of its fantastic Al power features.

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