The All New Vivo V7+

The All New Vivo V7+

The latest and greatest from the popular smartphone company, Vivo, is the Vivo V7+, touted as a selfie phone. While the selfie taking capabilities are truly amazing, there are other features that make the V7+ a very sought after new phone. A brand new full view display with compact bezels on the top, bottom and sides is also a good selling point. The smaller bezels are much like the LG G6.

The Vivo Company has always put a lot of effort into their selfie cameras, especially on their V5 and V5+ models. The company continues to push the limits of existing megapixels in the front facing camera, as do other Chinese smartphone manufacturers.

The new Vivo V7 Plus is certainly not for those looking for a budget smartphone. Because of the camera and display, this model is at the higher end of the price spectrum at nearly Rs 22,000. Here are some of the specs for this brand new smartphone.

The impressive Full Vision display comes with an 18:9 aspect ration. This is much like the LG G6 and the LG Q6. The display is 5.99 inch with only 2.15 mm of thickness on each side. However, the HD resolution seems stuck at 720p instead of full HD.

The Vivo V7+ has a unibody design that is manufactured with full metal and also comes in matte black as well. The back of the device features a square fingerprint scanner with rounded edges and the rear-facing camera is in the corner of the back. It is easy to carry, light and much more compact than some other smartphones that are currently on the market, even those with displays at six inches.

For power and performance, the V7+ features Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 for the processor. It is the first smartphone on the Indian market to launch this series of processor. It comes complete with 4GB RAM as well as 64GB built in storage. Because of this, you will certainly have no problem performing daily, routine tasks.

For the highlight, the V7+ gives you a front facing camera with 24MP as well as an LED flashlight that is built in. For further enhancements for the perfect selfie, there is even a Beauty mode that will make your skin look even smoother. It is better than the best makeup can do. You can also choose portrait mode, which gives the background a blurred effect while focusing on just you.

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