Vivo V9 Sapphire Blue Variant Available in India

Vivo V9 Sapphire Blue Variant Available in India

Vivo is a Chinese phone manufacturer who have brought out an attractive version of the Vivo V9 and named it the Vivo V9 sapphire blue variant. This smart phone comes with fantastic features and impressive hardware specification but also the fact it is now for sale in India. Everyone agrees it is a more impressive version of the original V9 and seems to be appealing to those who want a different colored model that will catch everyone eyes. There is only a slight price rise from the originalV9 to the sapphire. It can be brought online and offline across India.

The smartphone is popularly being brought through Amazon India which is another option available when wanting to purchase this phone.

The hardware of this phone has the snapdragon 626 SoC and comes with 4GB ram.

You have 64Gb of onboard storage which you can expand if you like via the microSD card.

It is dual sim card and features a dual camera at the rear side along with 16mp sensor plus a 5mp secondary sensor.

The camera offers Ultra HDR mode that gives you a very detailed image. The v9 uses the Al based face beautify application for all the selfies addicts out there. This feature is most popular in the mainland of China. There is a feature Face access where the phone can map your face and unlock the phone. This also works on the app lock making your phone more secure as no one can access your application without your permission.

For the pricing in India you are looking at Rs 22.990 while the original goes for 22,350 so there really isn’t too much price difference to get a beautiful color model that will shine in the sunlight.

With being partnered with Amazon for its sale along with the special feature of the Vivo E-store it is already ready in stock.

There is no difference in specifications from the original one to the sapphire blue model which is why there isn’t a huge difference in the pricing between them so be away of this when buying.

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